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SS United States' Whistles

The deep-throated whistles of the SS United States sounded very distinct and could be heard from miles around.  One could easily identify the SS United States just by hearing the sound of her whistles.  William Francis Gibbs worked hard to perfect the ship's whistles.  They were tested in the Jersey Meadowlands at a remote location.

Click here to hear the whistles of the SS United States.

file courtesy of Dan Michau.

.wav file is extracted from the Disney Movie Bon Voyage!

In the above picture is one of the 3 steam horns from the SS United States.  It is located in the Greater Boston area on top of the roof of an industrial building.  It was acquired in 1984 at the Guernsey's auction.  This same whistle and its owner can be seen in the Miller book (see references).  I've heard that the SS United States can sometimes still be heard in the Boston area because it is rumored this whistle is occasionally blown and is audible for miles around.

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