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Above is my third "Little U."  I designed it with the flag scheme present on the ship during the historic maiden voyage.  Click here to view a gallery of ship models I have built over the years at www.modelwarships.com, including my Glencoe SS United States.  In the future, I will be gradually adding models to this gallery as I complete them.

The Glencoe 28" SS United States kit can be transformed into a beautiful model of the SS United States.  The molds date back to 1954 and the kit was originally released by the Ideal Toy Company.  It used to come with prepainted parts and an interior light to illuminate the ship.  The kit is not super-detailed, but that is part of its charm.  To the best of my knowledge, the Glencoe 28" SS United States kit may have been discontinued but you can still find them in stores if you shop around.  What I like a lot about the Glencoe kit is its size.  It measures well over 2 feet long and comes with a single piece hull that is ideal for RC applications as well as lighting.  Its main disadvantage is the solid plastic moldings for railings that receive decals that come with the kit.  This kit is ideal for removal of the kit railings and replacing them with brass photoetched railings that can be purchased at www.goldmm.com.  I really like Gold Medal Models photoetched parts, they are of very high quality.

The Revell kit molds date back to the 1955.  The ship is a smaller 1/600 scale.  It is a waterline model, a disadvantage as the modeler does not have the option to build a full-hulled model.  However the dimensions and details are a little more accurate to the real ship than the Glencoe kit.  This kit is also discontinued, in my experience the best place to find one is on ebay.  This kit is also a candidate for photoetched railings but builds nice right out of the box.

Matt Fierro, Scratch Built

Here are two in-process pictures of Matt Fierro's excellent SS United States scratch-built model.  The model is roughly five feet long and is made entirely of wood.  The hull has since been fiberglassed.  This is Matt's first ship model and it appears to be almost ready for launching.  


John Anderson, Scratch Built

The model below is a 1/72 scale fiberglass scratch-built model of the SS United States built by John Anderson.  John's enormous model is just under 14 feet long, 17 inches wide, and 29 inches tall.  It weighs approximately 75 pounds and displaces roughly 285 pounds of water.  John's model is operational in forward and reverse and will feature a working rudder.  In addition, John's personal model will feature working ballast tanks, 2 smoke units with black smoke, a working whistle, radar, lighting, and a sound system playing music from the ship's era.  John hopes his ship will call attention to the real ship and generate support and funding.  John created his own plugs to cast the ship and an undetailed molded version of John's SS United States may go into limited production to help raise funding to save the real SS United States.  Great work John.






Mike Benson, Scratch Built

Below is a 34 inch, 1/350 scratch-built scale model of the SS United States by Mike Benson.  It has a solid wood hull and was likely built in the 1950s or 1960s.  Mike found it heavily damaged in an antiques store in Ottawa, Ontario.  After 2 years of highly detailed restoration, Mike's SS United States was fully restored to its former glory.  To spread the word on the plight of the real SS United States, Mike sent a letter to Paul Cellucci, the US Ambassador to Canada offering to lend his model to the US embassy to be put on display there.


Jesse Stevens, Glencoe

Here is an excellent build of the Glencoe 28'' SS United States.  Thank you Jesse Stevens for contributing your pictures.


Billal Ben-Redouane, Revell

Billal Ben-Redouane of Hungary purchased the Revell kit at an auction in France in the early 1980s and recently assembled it and did a great job.  Billal is an amateur historian of maritime transport and builds and collects ocean liner models.  Thank you Billal for your contribution.


Mike Alfano, Scratch Built

This model, now a treasured family heirloom was scratch built and put together by Michael F. Alfano 50+ years ago.  Thank you Mike for sharing.

Earl and Bruce Levitt, Ideal

Bruce's dad, Earl Levitt, sailed on the United States in 1954 and was a real enthusiast of the ship. He put together this Ideal model in either 1954 or 1955.  Bruce remembers watching him at 4 or 5 years old. 


Mike Colt, Glencoe and Revell

Mike did an excellent job with modifying the Glencoe model for added realism.


Mike's Glencoe SS United States model is on display on the Norwegian Gem in the Card Room.


Mike's Revell model is currently on display on NCL's Pride of America cruise ship.  The Pride of America is scratch built at the same scale as the SS United States.


This is Mike's very well done cruise ship conversion of the Revell SS United States model.


Robert and Monica Storey, Scratch Built


This is a 34 inch scratch built model of the SS United States that was likely built in the 1950s.  Thank you for sharing!

* If you have any models of the SS United States you would like to see displayed here, feel free to send your pictures to me and I'll post them on this page.

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