Ms. Rosemarie Gibson
(Voyage: July 1952)

I was 14 years old at the time of the Maiden Voyage and my recollections are not very vivid anymore.  I do remember how fast the sail was and what a beautiful wake the ship left as it forged to victory.  It seemed that at night, the engines were revved up even more, because the noise increased. Not to a bothersome level, but it just was noticeable.  I met a friend on the voyage and we spent all of our free time together wandering the various decks and taking advantage of shipboard activities, i.e., swimming, shuffleboard, etc.  The food was wonderful and I remember the beautiful menus (a few of which I had kept for many years, but I believe some mice in a garage got to them and all my photos one year).  I was devastated!  My family enjoyed lounging on the rear deck when it was time for consommé --- it seemed like we were always eating great things.  I remember the grand welcome we received when we arrived at Le Harve (I think that's where the Atlantic crossing record was achieved in 3 days and 10 hours).  My family debarked at Le Harve (we also took our car --- a brand new Buick) and continued on our land journey through Europe. I recall seeing Margaret Truman (again, not sure which voyage she was on with us) and my father taking home movies of her.  I do have reels of 16 mm film of our trips to Europe and sending this message makes me want to dig into my storage shed and retrieve them to see if they are still in one piece.  I even have our old 16 mm projector, if you can imagine that!  I've carted this stuff around for all these years.  Guess I'm sentimental and just could never part with all these memories.